First I will open the circle and we drink some herbal tea together. We will land in the energy of the moment and feel what’s there. After that we connect with spirit. During the connection you will receive a intuitive massage and other healing practices by me. After that there is time to rest and see whatever comes in your heart. We will end the session with a closing ritual and a light meal.

Transformation is a process, you can feel this in the moment and/or in the time afterwards. It can go on for a while, showing you the things you need to see. Nothing is new, in essence it is already there, only hidden by our conditioning and injuries.


In the next following weeks I will check in with you on a regulary base to see if there’s something you need. A zoom or telephone call is possible.

Total time of the session will be around 4 to 5 hours.

Price: 350 € (incl. intake – tea, meal and water – aftercare)